1-Z: Filer Information

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Exact name of issuer as specified in the issuer's charter

Direct Communication Solutions, Inc. 

Address of Principal Executive Offices
Address 1

17150 Via Del Campo Ste. 200 

Address 2



San Diego, 



Mailing Zip/ Postal Code




Commission File Number(s)


1-Z: PART I Summary Information Regarding the Offering and Proceeds

Summary Information

Date of qualification of the offering statement


Date of commencement of the offering


Amount of securities qualified to be sold in the offering


Amount of securities sold in the offering


Price per security:

$ 0.8000 

The portion of aggregate sales attributable to securities sold on behalf of the issuer

$ 1789355.00 

The portion of aggregate sales attributable to securities sold on behalf of selling securityholders:

$ 0.00 

Fees in connection with this offering and names of service providers.

Underwriters - Name of Service Provider Underwriters - Fees
Sales Commissions - Name of Service Provider Sales Commissions - Fee
Finders' Fees - Name of Service Provider
Canaccord; TriView Capital; Leede Jones Gable
Finders' Fees - Fees
$ 80642.00 
Accounting or Audit - Name of Service Provider Accounting or Audit - Fees
Legal - Name of Service Provider
Fang and Associates, Tollefsen Business Law
Legal - Fees
$ 36911.00 
Promoters - Name of Service Provider Promoters - Fees
Blue Sky Compliance - Name of Service Provider Blue Sky Compliance - Fees
CRD Number of any broker or dealer listed


Net proceeds to the issuer

$ 1666449.00 

Clarification of responses (if necessary):

1-Z: PART II Certification of Suspension of Duty to File Reports


Title of each class of securities covered by this Form

Common Stock

Commission File Number(s)


Approximate number of holders of record as of the certification date


1-Z: Signature


Pursuant to the requirements of Regulation A,



(Name of issuer as specified in charter)

Direct Communication Solutions, Inc.

certifies that it meets all of the conditions for termination of Regulation A reporting specified in Rule 257(d) and that there are no classes of securities other than those that are the subject to this Form 1-Z regarding which the issuer has Regulation A reporting obligations.

(Name of issuer as specified in charter)

Direct Communication Solutions, Inc.

Has caused this certification to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned duly authorized person.


/s/ Rich Gomberg 




Chief Financial Officer

Instructions: This Part II of Form 1-Z is required by Rule 257(d) of Regulation A. An officer of the issuer or any other duly authorized person may sign, and must do so by typed signature. The name and title of the person signing the form must be typed or printed under the signature. The signatory to the filing must also manually sign a signature page or other document authenticating, acknowledging or otherwise adopting his or her signature that appears in the filing. Such document must be executed before or at the time the filing is made and must be retained by the issuer for a period of five years. Upon request, the issuer must furnish to the Commission or its staff a copy of any or all documents retained pursuant to this instruction.